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NA Areas within Southern California

Sometimes you can't find the NA Area you want without a score card! The downloadable Area, Helpline & Website List Provides an Index to NA Areas based upon Telephone Area Codes

Download a California Area, Helpline & Website List (pdf) 04-18-08

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Other Links & Phone Numbers

Narcotics Anonymous has a policy of non affiliation with all outside agencies. There is no affiiation between NA, and the organizations we provide links to. These links and numbers are provided in a spirit of cooperation and as a service to our members.

Nar-Anon Family Groups - World Services

The Nar-Anon Family Groups are a worldwide fellowship for those affected by someone else's addiction. As a Twelve-Step Program, they offer their help by sharing their experience, strength, and hope.

Nar-Anon Web Site

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Center for Substance Abuse Hotline (Detox & Recovery Referrals) 800-662-4357 or 211 for Local Referral

Nar-Anon Family Groups - Southern California


Orange County - 714-647-7725

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Suicide Prevention Hotline 800-SUICIDE (800-784-2433)